Enjoying a Sober Holiday Season

Enjoying a Sober Holiday Season

For many people, the time right between Thanksgiving and Christmas is the happiest time of the year. Family members are happier, friends are friendlier, and strangers don’t seem as strange. For others, though, the holiday season can be tough. Some of us have lost loved ones, experienced devastation, or just had some rough times during the holidays, and each new year brings with it the pain of the last.

No matter what our mood or what we’ve experienced in the past, it’s important that we do everything in our power to make this holiday season one that’s peaceful, restful, and free from substances.

One of the best ways to enjoy a sober holiday season is to have strategies in place to prepare for it. Attending a session at the treatment center, calling for one more meeting of the alumni  group before a big break, or even scheduling regular calls and checkups with a peer from treatment as the holidays begin to ramp up are all great strategies.

Once the season is upon us, we can keep ourselves busy with fun, stimulating activities and events. Many treatment centers like Thrive Treatment℠ host holiday events where graduates, current clients, and families can come enjoy themselves and share in some good, clean fun. Aside from treatment centers, there are many community centers, churches, and volunteer organizations that participate in all sorts of charity events, fundraisers, and potlucks during the holiday season. Taking part in these would be a great way to meet new people and avoid spending the holidays at home or around the wrong people or places.

Finally, we can enjoy a sober holiday season by avoiding known risks. Certain relatives might not be the best to hang around if they “just can’t help” spiking the eggnog. If office meetings are more like liquor fests, making a quick appearance or not attending at all can nip a potential problem in the bud before it happens. If we’re at a social event, we don’t always have to have a drink in hand. Remember, the bartender may not know we aren’t supposed to be drinking. We don’t want a mere social habit to spell trouble down the road!

The holidays can be a peaceful time for all of us, as long as we know how to enjoy them safely. Remembering the strategies we learn in addiction treatment can help us make the right decisions even when we’re in some compromising situations. Thrive Treatment℠ is an outpatient addiction treatment center in Santa Monica, California that focuses on teaching clients those strategies through innovative methodology. Call us at (888) 975-8474 to see how we can help you today.