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More About Thrive Treatment℠

Who We Are

Learn more about Thrive Treatment℠ and discover how our caring & expert team will help you overcome your struggles and learn to thrive! 

Our Mission

Our Mission is Helping Others.

We approach treatment with compassion, assertiveness, fun and a skilled clinical staff made up of master level clinicians.

We believe that a combination of modern and traditional therapeutic practices are the best way to reach these goals. Thrive integrates relational and behavioral therapies, along with holistic, medical and psychiatric interventions to help clients reach not only sobriety, but also emotional health and lasting well-being. 

We don’t subscribe to one specific modality. Everyone is an individual and treatment plans shift and change based on personal needs. We assist clients to develop healthy coping skills and learn to respond rather than react when you or your loved one is feeling out of control, triggered, hurt or angry. Clients learn to be of service to others, and they even begin to like themselves. Through this proven process, clients learn there is a chance!


Goals of Treatment

Anchored by these basic building blocks, Thrive Treatment℠ takes recovery to the next level and prides itself on working one-on-one to help our clients explore their purpose, enroll in nearby Santa Monica College or UCLA schools or connect them to jobs in the bustling Santa Monica neighborhood. Most of all, we have fun together! Because boredom is a big trigger for newly clean clients, we provide a contained space for them to learn new ways to find excitement in their lives.  Picnics, softball, surfing, yoga and more, we take advantage of our city parks and beaches to play as a family, yours and ours. Here, we learn: We don’t just survive, we thrive!
  • Sustained sobriety.

  • Gaining insight into the underlying
    causes of our addiction.

  • Identity development, including
    personal values.

  • Developing healthy communication skills, including boundary setting and self-advocacy.

  • Healing broken relationships and
    letting go of toxic relationships.

  • Learn new, healthy coping skills.

  • Learning how to self-care.

Expert Team

Meet Our Team

Our Clinical Team

Our Group Facilitators

Our Operations Team


What to Expect at Thrive Treatment℠

When you arrive at Thrive Treatment℠, you will be greeted by one of our friendly staff. The intake process will be conducted by one of our licensed, professional therapists and you will be shown around the facility.

You will quickly notice the team approach to your care from all staff at Thrive Treatment℠.

We communicate regularly with one another both in formal, weekly meetings and informally, as needed, to provide you with the best possible care, including our experienced therapeutic staff, which you will have weekly access to our physician and to our psychiatrist, both of whom specialize in addiction treatment.


A Caring, Personalized Experience

Therapists collaborate on group therapy topics every week in order to keep the groups varied and interesting. Outside providers conduct groups each week that include yoga and specific advice on nutrition during the recovery process. Music, art, and film will be used alongside the more typical group therapy sessions throughout the course of each week.

We work hard to provide you with a clean, healthy, and safe environment at Thrive Treatment℠. We welcome and value your opinion and any suggestions you may have for improvements. We want you to feel part of the process and part of the Thrive family.


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Great Program!

“Great program with friendly staff! I highly recommend you to check it out! They know what they are doing! Tanner R. is the man and provides great customer service! Talk to him and he will point you in the right direction.”

Miles S.

I am Grateful!

“I am grateful for the immediate attention I received from Matt at Thrive Treatment℠ center. He is sensitive and caring and he graciously spent time with me and my husband to help our family situation. In just a short amount of time he made a big difference and gave us hope. He definitely is passionate about helping people and gave us great perspective and advice.”

Laura B.

Top-Notch Program

“Thrive treatment is a top notch program with one of the best clinical teams in LA. When I have clients at Thrive, I know without a doubt they are receiving the authentic help that they desperately need. Thanks Clayton for the amazing program you have built!”

David B.

Great Program!

“Great program with friendly staff! I highly recommend you to check it out! They know what they are doing! Tanner R. is the man and provides great customer service! Talk to him and he will point you in the right direction.”

David F.

Boundlessly Grateful

"Thrive met my son where he was and worked to find the right mix of supports and interventions to help him create a path toward health and wellness. I am boundlessly grateful to the program and its staff. Not only does Thrive offer an array of helpful tools, but it has a staff that cares about the clients, meets them exactly where they are, and tailors treatment to their individual needs."

Lynn M.

Supportive & Informative

"Thrive treatment is a very supportive and informative IOP. I was in one of the sober livings that works with their service, the Last House, and found that in thrive treatment, I was helped not only to process my emotions as they came up, but also learned quite a lot about the different healthy coping mechanisms I could engage in to move forward without being self destructive."

Leo L.

Huge Asset in My Sobriety

"Thrive treatment was a huge asset to me in my sobriety. I will be forever grateful for the entire staff at Thrive. The facility is well furnished and in a great location that makes being there very comfortable. On top of that I felt as though the entire staff was very invested in my recovery."

Ryan S.
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