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Partial Day Program in Los Angeles

Partial Hospitalization

Ideal for clients in early sobriety, Thrive Treatment℠ offers a comprehensive and stabilizing Partial Hospitalization Program in Los Angeles, California.


Partial Hospitalization in Los Angeles

Experience a trusted Partial Day Program in Los Angeles at Thrive Treatment℠ in Santa Monica.

If you are struggling with an addiction to drugs and alcohol, there are many types of treatment programs that may suit your needs. For many struggling with drug addiction, an intensive inpatient drug treatment program provides the tools and support needed for you to address and overcome your substance abuse issues. You also have the option of attending some form of outpatient treatment which gives you the same evidence-based care, but you are allowed to live at home.

Inpatient treatment is effective, but what if you can’t commit to a significant amount of time away from family and work? Various outpatient programs such as intensive and traditional outpatient give you more flexibility, but what you are in immediate danger of relapse or are a danger to yourself and others?

Fortunately, a partial hospitalization program (PHP) drug rehab in Los Angeles is an excellent treatment option in these cases. Thrive Treatment is one of the premier Los Angeles drug rehab centers that features evidence-based PHP services. Our Santa Monica addiction treatment services address your substance abuse and the underlying issues that led to abuse in the first place.

If you are unfamiliar with partial hospitalization programs, this article will provide further information on this effective treatment option. You will learn the benefits of an LA PHP treatment program and learn why Thrive Treatment’s PHP drug and alcohol rehab can get you on the path to long-term recovery.

This level of care consists of a variety of therapeutic groups and individual sessions designed to address addictive behaviors as well as co-occurring mental health issues that underlie addiction.  All of our groups are facilitated by Masters’ level clinicians who use a multi modal approach to engage and treat our clients. This mix of interactive groups include cognitive and behavioral therapy, psychoeducation, and mindfulness meditation as well as relapse prevention programs. Additional groups include Nutrition in Recovery, Breathworks, and Yoga facilitated by highly trained and certified instructors.

Thrive Treatment℠’s PHP program requires a minimum attendance commitment of 6 hours per day, 5 days a week.

Our PHP program runs Monday – Friday from 10:15 am – 4:15 pm.

What Are the Benefits of Our PHP Drug Rehab?

PHP treatment in Los Angeles will provide you and all patients with both intensive substance abuse treatment as well as mental health treatment in a safe, secure, and clean hospital setting. Partial hospitalization programs are considered one step down from an intensive residential treatment program. While the programs and services found in a PHP drug rehab in Los Angeles are intensive, those undergoing this treatment option can live at and uphold their work, family, and school obligations. 

When you enter a partial hospitalization program in Los Angeles, you will attend treatment 4-5 times per week and for several hours each session. As with many outpatient-based programs. A PHP is considered a “step down” program. This means that the frequency and duration of sessions can be decreased as you progress through the program, However,  the frequency and duration of sessions can be increased you have severe addiction issues, mental health issues that require immediate attention, as well as health issues that are life-threatening. A Los Angeles PHP addiction treatment program can act as a standalone program or as a “bridge” program to residential or outpatient treatment, depending on the client’s needs.

To determine if PHP treatment in Los Angeles is right for you, experienced staff will conduct a thorough evaluation when you enter treatment.

When you enter Thrive Treatment’s PHP drug rehab in Los Angeles, you will experience the following benefits:

  • You will have immediate access to experienced health experts, therapists and doctors.
  • You will learn and develop healthy coping skills and helps you address past trauma and mental health disorders.
  • PHP treatment is less expensive than standard inpatient treatment.
  • Our PHP programs allow you to go home so you can work, go to school, and uphold your family commitments.
  • You will learn important life skills such as time management, prioritizing certain tasks, and self-reliance. These skills will prepare you to be independent and instills confidence as you live your daily life.
  • PHP’s provide needed structure to your life and helps improve communication skills, find employment and rebuild fractured relationships.
  • Thrive Treatment’s experienced treatment team will create a customized treatment plan that perfectly fits your needs.
  • If in immediate need, you will have access to evidence-based dual diagnosis and other mental health programs. 


We Work With Most Major Insurance

At Thrive Treatment℠ we accept most private insurance plans and we are in network with Cigna, Optum, First Health, and Anthem Blue Cross.  Additional payment options are available so don’t hesitate to give us a call so we can get you the help that you need.


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What to Expect at Our PHP Program

At this level of care clients receive 2 one-hour individual counseling sessions with their Master’s level addiction therapist. During these sessions, clients will develop a strong and close therapeutic relationship with their primary therapist while identifying and treating their addiction and co-occurring mental health issues. With clients’ consent, individual therapists will update and engage appropriate family members on a regular basis. When indicated, family sessions can also be conducted onsite, through Telehealth, or over the phone as needed. Every effort is made to provide a comfortable and private environment for these sessions.


Thrive Treatment℠ offers in-person treatment at our Santa Monica, Culver City & Woodland Hills locations for substance abuse & mental health related issues.

Virtual Telemedicine

Thrive Treatment℠ offers virtual telemed options for clients throughout Southern California, giving them access to our expert program.


Learn to Live Life Again at Thrive

Thrive Treatment℠ Center in Santa Monica, California offers evidence-based, gender-specific programming to Los Angeles residents and out-of-state guests who are truly looking to recover from the disease of addiction and co-occurring mental illnesses. Through our integrated therapies & programming we are able to get to the root of addiction & mental health issues. We offer the following treatment services to aide in your path to recovery.


More About Our
Santa Monica PHP

Upon admission, all clients will receive a full health history and psychiatric assessment by our Medical Director. Our doctor is available for clients to see up to twice a week for as long as the client is in our care. For our clients’ convenience and comfort, our doctor meets with our clients on-site in private rooms. Our clinical team works directly with our doctor to provide seamless continuity of care.

On a regular basis, our clients engage in an experiential outing day. The purpose of these outings is to provide the opportunity for clients to apply their newly learned therapeutic skills outside of the everyday treatment environment. Organized recreational activities can be a valuable part of treatment and can help clients find healthful, substance-free interests to replace a former focus on substance use. Organized sports, games, arts and crafts, and walks can have therapeutic benefits and allow the clients to participate in real-world events drug-free and with the support of therapists and peers.

Clients that attend Thrive for the full day will be provided a healthy lunch – although on Fridays we do order pizza! If a client has dietary restrictions, we are happy to accommodate these to the best of our ability. Lunch break also provides an opportunity for clients to socialize and chat with clients from other sober living houses. Healthy snacks are provided daily for all clients as well as a variety of coffees and teas.

When considering a PHP program in Los Angeles, you must find a facility with programs and services that fit your specific needs and goals. The treatment programs must be evidence-based, extensively tested, and put into practice with a proven track record for success. Most importantly, the PHP in Los Angeles you choose must feature experienced clinicians and staff with vast experience in working with people from all walks of life.

 Thrive Treatment is a top-tier treatment facility featuring an evidence-based treatment program fusing therapeutic groups and individual sessions. Our Master’s level clinicians create programs mixing cognitive and behavioral therapy, psychoeducation, mindfulness meditation, and relapse prevention. No matter the severity of your addiction, Thrive Treatment’s dedicated team of professionals will be with you every step of the way.

Call Thrive Treatment toll-free today and break the vicious cycle of addiction for good.


Stories of Hope & Healing

Great Program!

“Great program with friendly staff! I highly recommend you to check it out! They know what they are doing! Tanner R. is the man and provides great customer service! Talk to him and he will point you in the right direction.”

Miles S.

I am Grateful!

“I am grateful for the immediate attention I received from Matt at Thrive Treatment℠ center. He is sensitive and caring and he graciously spent time with me and my husband to help our family situation. In just a short amount of time he made a big difference and gave us hope. He definitely is passionate about helping people and gave us great perspective and advice.”

Laura B.

Top-Notch Program

“Thrive treatment is a top notch program with one of the best clinical teams in LA. When I have clients at Thrive, I know without a doubt they are receiving the authentic help that they desperately need. Thanks Clayton for the amazing program you have built!”

David B.

Great Program!

“Great program with friendly staff! I highly recommend you to check it out! They know what they are doing! Tanner R. is the man and provides great customer service! Talk to him and he will point you in the right direction.”

David F.

Boundlessly Grateful

"Thrive met my son where he was and worked to find the right mix of supports and interventions to help him create a path toward health and wellness. I am boundlessly grateful to the program and its staff. Not only does Thrive offer an array of helpful tools, but it has a staff that cares about the clients, meets them exactly where they are, and tailors treatment to their individual needs."

Lynn M.

Supportive & Informative

"Thrive treatment is a very supportive and informative IOP. I was in one of the sober livings that works with their service, the Last House, and found that in thrive treatment, I was helped not only to process my emotions as they came up, but also learned quite a lot about the different healthy coping mechanisms I could engage in to move forward without being self destructive."

Leo L.

Huge Asset in My Sobriety

"Thrive treatment was a huge asset to me in my sobriety. I will be forever grateful for the entire staff at Thrive. The facility is well furnished and in a great location that makes being there very comfortable. On top of that I felt as though the entire staff was very invested in my recovery."

Ryan S.

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Thrive collaborates closely with sober living homes, important family members, and outside support systems to maintain transparency and ensure that clients are working on their ability to communicate openly and honestly in their sobriety.
Our mission at Thrive is to help clients establish healthy behaviors and relationships that bring lasting sobriety and inner happiness.

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