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Trusted Sober Living Homes in Los Angeles

Sober Living Options

Discover how Thrive Treatment℠ works with the top-rated sober living homes in Santa Monica, West Los Angeles, and Venice Beach.

Sober Living

Sober Living in Los Angeles

We offer our clients unique access to some of the top-rated sober living options in Los Angeles with our Sober Living Partners.

For those who complete an intensive drug treatment program, transitioning from the safe and empowering treatment environment to their daily lives produces significant anxiety and stress. The home environment can make those newly recovered vulnerable to the triggers that can lead to relapse. To minimize that risk, people can enter aftercare programs such as sober living. These programs are designed to help people work a program of recovery, be independent, and get the support of others in recovery.

Call Thrive Group today if you have just completed treatment and are looking for sober living in Santa Monica. We offer evidence-based Santa Monica sober living programs that give you the tools you need to gain confidence in your hard-earned sobriety. Thrive Treatment is one of the premier Los Angeles drug rehab centers that can help. Our Santa Monica addiction treatment services address substance abuse and the underlying issues that led to abuse in the first place. Call us toll-free today to learn more about our Southern California sober living program.

Thrive Treatment℠ works with trusted gender-specific sober living providers in the Los Angeles area in order to provide our clients with the best possible outcomes. Sober living in combination with an outpatient program like Thrive has been shown to have lasting benefits to long-term recovery from drug & alcohol abuse.

Through our extensive network of trusted sober living providers in Los Angeles, we are able to offer clients the tools needed for long-term success. 

What is Sober Living?

Sober living homes are stable drug-free environments that help people transition from treatment to independence. Also known as transitional housing, sober living programs are more loosely structured than intensive rehab programs but are staffed mainly by experienced treatment personnel. In these homes, residents can work, attend family functions, and live independently but are required to work their individual recovery programs. Additionally, residents are highly encouraged to attend 12-step meetings, seek continued therapy and counseling, and participate in other activities to help grow their recovery.

Many sober living homes use a model of operation where the owner or manager of the house develops and enforces house rules. On the other hand, other residences adopt an approach where residents have input in decision-making. Some residences may feature some form of a resident’s council that helps govern the house and enforce or review house rules.

What Are the Benefits of Sober Living?

Sober living in Santa Monica provides residents with numerous benefits. The most obvious benefit is it provides you with ongoing support and structure. You can gain confidence in your sobriety through the support and help of treatment staff and your recovering peers. Secondly, sober living in Santa Monica allows you to put into practice the critical life and coping skills you will need as you transition back to your normal everyday life. These skills include grocery shopping, laundry, budgeting, exercising, and practicing proper hygiene.

Sober living allows you to build your support network with fellow residents and treatment staff. While in sober housing, you will meet people from all walks of life, and their unique perspectives of recovery can help guide your path. Most importantly, Santa Monica sober living reduces the risk of relapse. While in sober living, you can hone the relapse prevention skills learned in treatment to better understand and address the triggers in your home environment. Once you complete sober living, you will feel empowered and have greater confidence in working on your individual recovery plan.


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