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Navigating Sober Living as a College Student

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Amid the keg parties and the late-night study sessions powered by energy drinks, it might look like sobriety is a myth in college. But, there’s a growing trend of sober college students who are reshaping campus life. Let’s dive into how you can navigate college life as a sober student.

Alcohol Abuse on American College Campuses

Alcohol use is a big problem for college students across America. A study from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration found that about 1.2 million students who go to college full-time drink heavily. A study found that nearly 700,000 college students had been assaulted by another student who had been drinking. 

These figures show us just how widespread and severe alcohol abuse in colleges is, and it’s something we need to tackle now. It’s not just about poor grades or health; it’s also about keeping students safe. Universities have a significant role to play in teaching students how to drink responsibly and helping those who are struggling with alcohol addiction.

Emergence of a Sober College Experience

The landscape of colleges has changed. The days when not drinking in college was outlandish are long gone. Today, across the US, colleges have embraced the idea of living without substances and provide programs and resources for students in recovery or who just want to abstain from using any substances.

Benefits of Not Drinking in College

Being a sober college student has its benefits Here are some:

  • Increased academic performance
  • Improved physical health
  • Better mental clarity
  • Closer bonds with people surrounding you
  • More time for recreation and interests
  • Control over one’s life

Not to mention, staying sober in college can save you some money. Think about it – no more spending your hard-earned cash on drinks or hangover cures. Plus, with bars and restaurants offering mocktails and non-alcoholic options, you won’t feel left out or pressured to drink.

Coping With Social Pressure 

Undoubtedly, the association of campus culture with partying is fundamental. How can students survive these social pressures while living alcohol-free?

  • Seek out campus groups and organizations that promote sobriety or offer substance-free activities.
  • Be honest about your decision to live sober with friends, and don’t be afraid to say no if you’re feeling uncomfortable in a situation.
  • Plan outings and activities with friends that don’t involve alcohol or drugs, such as hiking, movie nights, or game nights.

How Can Students Live a Sober Life While Still on Campus?

1. Look for Sober Living Resources Within Your College Premises

Many universities now have sober dorms and collegiate recovery programs. If your college lacks these things, advocate for them. Remember, you are never alone.

2. Develop a Supportive Network

Make friends with other people who respect your decision to live sober. This can be other students at your college who do not drink or mentors. Note that support is crucial for recovering addicts.

3. Adopt Healthy Coping Strategies

College can be demanding, making one feel like using drugs or alcohol to cope with stress is the only option available. Try yoga, meditation, or even walking in a park to manage stress.

4. Stay Focused on Your Goals

Always remember why you chose to remain sober in college. Having this in mind can help keep you on track.

Seek Professional Help for Sober College Students with Thrive Treatment Group

Being a student in college while trying to stay clean is not easy, but you are not alone. 

Thrive Group has different treatment programs for our clients, including residential inpatient, outpatient, teen virtual outpatient, and sober living homes.Our team is always there to help you at every stage of your college life. Contact us today and start the journey to a healthy and enjoyable life without alcoholism as a student.

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Navigating Sober Living as a College Student

Amid the keg parties and the late-night study sessions powered by energy drinks, it might look like sobriety is a myth in college. But, there’s a growing trend of sober college students who are reshaping campus life. Let’s dive into

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