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Drug Rehab near Santa Clarita

Santa Clarita

Thrive Treatment℠’s addiction treatment center near Santa Clarita is designed for clients who require support in early sobriety.  

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Santa Clarita Drug Rehab Center

Addiction is an isolating disease that impacts millions of people. Nearly 10% of US adults have struggled with addiction in their lifetime, and yet only 25% ever receive treatment. Not only is addiction prevalent around the country, but many residents of Santa Clarita suffer from drug addiction. While many addicts may try to overcome their addiction themselves, many fail and fall back into the same destructive habits that have fractured their personal and professional relationships, and robbed them of living a happy, fulfilling life.

But, your addiction does not define you and your future. Our Santa Clarita drug rehab center is here to help you overcome your addiction and lead a healthy, long-lasting life of sobriety. We offer addiction treatment in Santa Clarita that is comprehensive by offering a wide range of treatment options and programs so clients can receive the exact care and support essential to break free of addiction. While your recovery journey may not be easy, our compassionate team at Thrive Treatment will guide you every step of the way so you can take back your life.

You don’t have to fight your addiction alone. Contact us today to learn how we can help you on your recovery journey.


We Work With Most Major Insurance

At Thrive Treatment℠ we accept most private insurance plans and we are in network with Cigna, Optum, First Health, and Anthem Blue Cross.  Additional payment options are available so don’t hesitate to give us a call so we can get you the help that you need.


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What We Do

Comprehensive Santa Clarita Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center

At Thrive Treatment, we use an individualized approach to help each and every client wherever they may be on their recovery journey. This includes offering a series of different treatment programs so clients can receive custom care. 

Our Santa Clarita drug rehab center offers:

  • Versatile Treatment Programs
  • Dual Diagnosis Treatment
  • Tailored Treatment Plans
  • Compassionate Staff
  • Evidence-Based Treatment Options

We don’t believe in using a single, one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to providing treatment. Rather we provide unique treatment options catered to clients’ exact needs to overcome their addiction and lead a more fulfilling life. Whether you are a teen, young adult, or adult, we offer a range of treatment programs to best support you in your addiction recovery journey.


Thrive Treatment℠ offers in-person treatment at our Santa Monica , Culver City & Woodland Hills locations for substance abuse & mental health related issues.

Virtual Telemedicine

Thrive Treatment℠ offers virtual telemed options for clients throughout Southern California, giving them access to our expert program.


Find Your Path
to Healing

Thrive Treatment℠ Center in Santa Monica, California offers evidence-based, gender-specific programming to Los Angeles residents and out-of-state guests who are truly looking to recover from the disease of addiction and co-occurring mental illnesses. Through our integrated therapies & programming we are able to get to the root of addiction & mental health issues. We offer the following treatment services to aide in your path to recovery.


Individualized Addiction Treatment in Santa Clarita

At Thrive Treatment, we use an evidence-based, one-of-a-kind treatment approach to provide clients with the custom care that best supports their exact needs. Every addict is different, and thus responds differently to varying treatment options. That’s why our Santa Clarita drug rehab center offers a variety of both addiction and mental health treatment options so clients can receive the exact treatment they need.

We offer addiction treatment to help treat varying forms of addiction, including:

  • Alcohol 
  • Benzodiazepines
  • Heroin
  • Prescription Opioids
  • Cocaine
  • Meth
  • Adderall and Ritalin
  • Marijuana
  • Hallucinogens
  • Nicotine
  • Gambling Addiction
  • Gaming Addiction

We also provide mental health treatment to help treat several types of mental health disorders, such as:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Bipolar Disorder
  • PTSD
  • OCD
  • Psychosis

Our Santa Clarita drug rehab center creates tailored treatment plans to help each and every client, including addicts struggling with a dual diagnosis. Many addicts who suffer from a substance use disorder also suffer from a co-occurring mental illness. This is why we offer dual diagnosis treatment so clients who are struggling with both addiction and mental illness receive the proper treatment they need to successfully maintain sobriety. 

Treating an addict’s addiction, but failing to treat their mental illness (if they have one)  puts them at risk for relapsing. This is why we offer treatment to help addicts struggling with both addiction and mental illness receive both treatments simultaneously to reduce their risk of relapsing. 


Santa Clarita Drug Rehab Center with Several Treatment Programs

We help clients wherever they may be on their recovery journey. This includes whether they are just starting their recovery journey, or need ongoing support to maintain their sobriety. Our Santa Clarita drug rehab center provides a range of substance abuse treatment in Santa Clarita so clients can overcome their addiction once and for all. 

Thrive Treatment provides versatile addiction treatment in Santa Clarita, including:

At Thrive Treatment, we offer a series of highly specialized treatment programs to fit each client’s exact needs. Addiction can affect anyone at any age. That’s why we offer three signature programs that differentiate clients by age to provide the most individualized care.

The three signature programs our Santa Clarita drug and alcohol rehab center offers include:

  • Emerging Adults

A treatment program designed for young adults ages 18-24. This program uses a combination of evidence-based and experiential therapies, as well as teaches life skills so young adults in the program can effectively transition into this new phase of life. 

  • Thrive Teen

An after-school, mental health intensive outpatient treatment program for teens. This program is designed to be an all-encompassing program that treats and educates teens on various signs of mental illness and addiction to prevent issues, as well as treat teens battling with addiction and mental illness. 

  • Thrive Adult 

A treatment program for adults ages 24 and up that provides a safe space for adults to treat their addiction or mental illness. This is done through a series of methods customized according to each client’s exact needs. Some treatment options may include repairing fractured relationships, medication management, and different forms of therapies. 

A partial hospitalization program (PHP) is best suited for clients in the early stages of their sobriety who may need more intensive and extensive care to maintain sobriety. While there is some flexibility in a PHP, many clients in a PHP are required to spend a dedicated amount of time as they are relatively high risk for relapsing.

Our PHP requires a minimum attendance of 6 hours per day, 5 days a week. 

An intensive outpatient program (IOP) is another program designed for clients who are in the early stages of their recovery journey and need more intensive care to maintain sobriety. 

Our IOP requires a minimum of 3 hours per day, 3 days a week, with a maximum of 3 hours per day, and 5 days a week commitment.

A treatment program designed for clients that have effectively evolved throughout their recovery journey and transitioned successfully back into their everyday life but need minimal ongoing support to help maintain their sobriety. 

We offer intervention services to help encourage struggling addicts to seek professional addiction treatment to overcome their addiction. 

We offer sober living homes so clients have the opportunity to transition into a safe space that minimizes their risk of relapse while exercising independence in this next step of their recovery journey. 

Thrive’s Alumni program is for clients who’ve successfully completed various Thrive programs, but still want to continue the lasting connection they made while at Thrive.


Stories of Hope & Healing

Great Program!

“Great program with friendly staff! I highly recommend you to check it out! They know what they are doing! Tanner R. is the man and provides great customer service! Talk to him and he will point you in the right direction.”

Miles S.

I am Grateful!

“I am grateful for the immediate attention I received from Matt at Thrive Treatment℠ center. He is sensitive and caring and he graciously spent time with me and my husband to help our family situation. In just a short amount of time he made a big difference and gave us hope. He definitely is passionate about helping people and gave us great perspective and advice.”

Laura B.

Top-Notch Program

“Thrive treatment is a top notch program with one of the best clinical teams in LA. When I have clients at Thrive, I know without a doubt they are receiving the authentic help that they desperately need. Thanks Clayton for the amazing program you have built!”

David B.

Great Program!

“Great program with friendly staff! I highly recommend you to check it out! They know what they are doing! Tanner R. is the man and provides great customer service! Talk to him and he will point you in the right direction.”

David F.

Boundlessly Grateful

"Thrive met my son where he was and worked to find the right mix of supports and interventions to help him create a path toward health and wellness. I am boundlessly grateful to the program and its staff. Not only does Thrive offer an array of helpful tools, but it has a staff that cares about the clients, meets them exactly where they are, and tailors treatment to their individual needs."

Lynn M.

Supportive & Informative

"Thrive treatment is a very supportive and informative IOP. I was in one of the sober livings that works with their service, the Last House, and found that in thrive treatment, I was helped not only to process my emotions as they came up, but also learned quite a lot about the different healthy coping mechanisms I could engage in to move forward without being self destructive."

Leo L.

Huge Asset in My Sobriety

"Thrive treatment was a huge asset to me in my sobriety. I will be forever grateful for the entire staff at Thrive. The facility is well furnished and in a great location that makes being there very comfortable. On top of that I felt as though the entire staff was very invested in my recovery."

Ryan S.

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Start Your Recovery Journey at the Leading Substance Abuse Treatment in Santa Clarita

You should never have to fight your addiction alone. Seeking professional addiction treatment is essential to receive the expert, ongoing support and care you need to safely and effectively overcome your addiction and maintain life-long sobriety.

At Thrive Treatment, we are a leading Santa Clarita drug rehab center committed to providing comprehensive addiction and mental health treatment. Our substance abuse treatment in Santa Clarita includes a wide range of treatment programs so clients can receive the exact treatment they need that best aligns with wherever they may be on their addiction recovery journey.

Struggling with addiction? Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you on your road to recovery today.


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When you choose Thrive Treatment℠, you can expect a truly individualized program that utilizes evidence-based therapies to assist clients on the path to long-term recovery. 

If you are ready to take action, contact us today or fill out our free insurance verification form here.

We are here to help you find lasting recovery once & for all at Thrive Treatment℠’s intensive outpatient program in Santa Monica.

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