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How to Find Group Therapy Programs in Southern California

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Group therapy is a staple of many drug treatment programs. This powerful form of therapy provides immense support and motivation for people to address and overcome substance abuse issues. While effective, you may be reluctant to take part in a group therapy program when you enter drug treatment. The thought of sharing your innermost thoughts, fears, insecurities, and failures with complete strangers may make you feel anxious and even fearful. While your apprehension is understandable, this fear is primarily due to a lack of information or misinformation about addiction group therapy.

This article will define what group therapy is and whom it benefits. You will also know where to look for group therapy programs in Southern California. If you have questions on group therapy or need to know more information on the benefits of this powerful treatment tool, call Thrive Treatment toll-free today.

What is Group Therapy?

Group therapy is the treatment of multiple patients at once by one or more experienced therapists. When group therapy is mentioned, people will often think the group size will be significant and intimidating. However, the average group size is 10-14 people, but the size can vary depending on the therapy type and type of group. Group therapy operates under the philosophy that we are social creatures. Social beings need to be around others to feel a strong sense of belonging, safety, and security.

Group addiction therapy brings people together with similar issues to provide encouragement as well as support. With the assistance of the therapist or other healthcare professional, clients within the group can share their feelings and hope in an environment that is safe, supportive, and, most importantly, non-judgmental. The most significant advantage of group therapy programs in Southern California is it allows people to develop healthy social and coping skills that help reduce the risk of relapse once they complete treatment.

Who is Group Therapy Best For?

In general, group therapy is of great benefit to anyone. Having the support of people who share similar experiences to yours is very empowering and can help you have the courage and determination to face your addiction head-on. Group therapy is advantageous because it is designed to help people with specific issues. In addition to drug and alcohol addiction, group therapy can also help those suffering from mental illnesses such as depression as well as those with conditions like obesity. In fact, 12-step and similar groups can be seen as group therapy.

Group therapy may also be beneficial for those people who may lack self-esteem. Group therapy programs in Southern California provide a welcoming and safe atmosphere for those people to gain confidence in their small victories and to find their voice. Also, addiction group therapy is great for those who may be uninsured or underinsured because addiction therapy costs less than individual therapy.

Overall, group therapy for addiction will help you discover more about yourself, and that you have strengths, you may never have seen in yourself. In a group therapy program in Southern California, your therapists and recovering peers act as a mirror. Through their suggestions and other feedback, you can see yourself for who you truly are and can work towards what you want to become in recovery.

How to Find Group Therapy Programs in Southern California

Group therapy is absolutely essential in helping you achieve lasting sobriety. When looking for a drug rehab program, you need to ensure that evidence-based group therapy programs are offered as part of your individualized treatment plan. 

Call Thrive Treatment toll-free today if you are looking for drug treatment in Southern California that features quality group therapy programs. Thrive Treatment is a top-tier treatment provider with decades of cumulative experience in dealing with a wide spectrum of substance abuse and mental illness.
We offer personalized services and multiple levels of care so you can get the tools and support you need to break free from addiction for good. Are you ready to take the first confident step on the road to recovery? Call Thrive Treatment toll-free today and learn how we can completely transform your life at our Santa Monica rehab center.

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