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Experience addiction & mental health treatment like you’ve never seen at Thrive Treatment℠ in Santa Monica, California. Our evidence-based, trusted program is here to help you recover once & for all.

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We believe that a combination of modern and traditional therapeutic practices are the best way to reach each client's goals in treatment.

The mission of Thrive treatment is to help our clients initiate a profound and positive change in their lives. Sobriety is just one aspect of this. It is our job to help clients see how their addiction is part of a larger system of emotional, psychological and social difficulties that they have been struggling with for longer than they have been using.

In that sense, we see all addictions as dual diagnoses. While many of these underlying issues are visible to clients and their loved ones, there are often other aspects of their inner lives that cannot be seen. Our goal is to help clients develop insight into these defense mechanisms, believing that insight is the best way to initiate positive and lasting change.

In short, we attempt to help clients make sense of their addiction, thereby reducing internalized shame and confusion about why they are addicts, while illuminating healthier ways to live life without using.

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Thrive integrates relational and behavioral therapies along with holistic, medical and psychiatric interventions to help clients reach not only sobriety, but also emotional health and lasting well-being.

Upon completion of our intensive outpatient level of care, clients are encouraged to join our supportive alumni community where they continue to receive group therapy twice a week and they will receive access to a flourishing sober network and continued engagement with clinical staff in the same safe environment that helped them heal at the start of their journey.

We Work with Most Insurance

At Thrive Treatment℠ we accept most private insurance plans and we are in network with Cigna, MHN Health Net, First Health, and Anthem Blue Cross.  Additional payment options are available so don’t hesitate to give us a call so we can get you the help that you need.

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