With partial hospitalization programs and intensive outpatient programs, treatment doesn’t have to be a full time job. Treatment itself, however, is not any less intensive or demanding, nor does it produce any less of a result when it comes to changing a life. Even with an outpatient model, it’s important that clients stay as dedicated and devoted to treatment as they would be if they were in a traditional inpatient environment.

What makes the outpatient treatment experience so special is that it allows our clients to grow and progress along their recovery paths without being isolated from the rest of the world. Balancing treatment, recovery, and the responsibilities of every day living is much more indicative of real life. Addiction doesn’t often take place in an environment that’s cut off from the rest of the world, and, likewise, addiction treatment shouldn’t either.

Our partial hospitalization program provides a full scope of treatment– including psychotherapy sessions twice a week, daily group sessions, a physical by our in-house physician, weekly multi-family therapy, and more– and it’s perfect for dual diagnosis clients that need the attention and care that we provide.

Our intensive outpatient program offers much of the same, and even introduces concepts like “purpose, passion, and promise” that help clients work on long-term career goals, discover passions, and deliver on promises.

Treatment can be comprehensive, holistic, and demanding without being a full time job. One of the benefits of rehab here in Santa Monica is that there are options when it comes to choosing the treatment plan that’s right for you. We provide a thorough way to get the treatment you need while still staying true to your obligations. Whether a dual diagnosis client, recently relapsed, or another valued client, our team at Thrive Treatment℠ has what it takes to help you learn to live your best, sober life.

Treatment doesn’t have to  be a full time job, and with options like a partial hospitalization program and an intensive outpatient program, you can get the same quality addiction treatment while still maintaining your obligations. Here at Thrive Treatment℠, we believe addiction treatment should work for you, no matter where you are. Call Thrive Treatment℠ at (888) 975-8474 to get started with us today.

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