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How Long Does Cannabis-Induced Psychosis Last?

How Long Does Cannabis-Induced Psychosis Last?

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Over the past few years, the attitudes towards marijuana have shifted to a more positive light. As a drug, marijuana’s effects are milder when compared to other substances, and its medicinal properties have been under increased research. While marijuana is increasingly seen as a “harmless” drug, those who use it may experience side effects that are unpleasant and jarring. One condition that has been seen in greater frequency is cannabis-induced psychosis.

If you are a regular marijuana user, you may be unfamiliar with this condition and may wonder how long does cannabis-induced psychosis last. This article will define cannabis-induced psychosis, its symptoms, and how long the condition lasts. While marijuana may be seen as safe, it can negatively impact your daily life. Thrive Treatment can help you break the cycle of marijuana dependence and addiction for good. Our treatment programs and services are extensively tested and proven effective in helping you kick your marijuana habit for good.

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What Are the Symptoms of Cannabis-Induced Psychosis and Its’ Risk Factors?

The hallmarks of cannabis-induced psychosis are the presence of hallucinations and delusions. Hallucinations are defined as sensory experiences where people see, hear, or feel things that aren’t real in their environment. Delusions are defined as the unshakable belief in something untrue. This can include the belief they have a superpower or are being poisoned when there is undeniable proof that it is false. These conditions are experienced when people use marijuana and are not the result of any pre-existing mental illness.

Other symptoms include dissociation (or feeling disconnected from the real world), agitation, irritability, and difficulty focusing on daily tasks, among others. The risk factors associated with this form of psychosis are similar to those factors found in other substances. These include a family history of substance abuse, the presence of mental illness, and past unresolved trauma.

How Long Does Cannabis-Induced Psychosis Last?

For those who use marijuana and may fear psychosis symptoms, the big question that is asked is how long does cannabis-induced psychosis last if the condition is experienced. For many users, the onset of the condition occurs when the drug is taken, and it enters the body. This length of time is dependent on the route of administration. For people who smoke marijuana, the effects of this form of psychosis can happen in minutes, while ingesting the drug can take a few hours.

The symptoms of cannabis-induced psychosis can persist for a few days and will resolve once the drug is out of the system. What is important to note is that if users experience these symptoms, they may have an undiagnosed mental health issue. The severity of symptoms may also be dependent on the strain of marijuana being used as well as the presence of other drugs in the system at the time marijuana is used.

Can Cannabis-Induced Psychosis Be Treated?

Currently, there are no specific treatment regimens for cannabis-induced psychosis. If people experience this condition, they must stop using marijuana altogether. It is also important that users seek professional mental health help immediately since the psychosis triggered by marijuana use can indicate the presence of a mental illness–including schizophrenia. If other substances are being used, users should seek drug treatment or dual diagnosis treatment if users do have a mental health issue. While the condition is in itself not life-threatening, users may be more prone to high-risk behaviors, which may put them at a greater risk of injuring themselves or others.

Get Help With Cannabis-Induced Psychosis With Help From Thrive Treatment

If you are a regular marijuana user, cannabis-induced psychosis can significantly impact your physical and mental well-being. If you are ready to break free from marijuana use and create a fresh start, the treatment professionals and Thrive Treatment can help. We offer evidence-based treatment programs that are personalized to meet your unique needs and can change as your needs change throughout treatment. Our treatment staff is committed to helping you every step of the way and supporting you to overcome your dependence on marijuana. Thrive Treatment offers addiction treatment services in Southern California. Call Thrive Treatment today and begin a new chapter in your life.

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