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Don’t Just Give a Man a Fish

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Ever fished before? It’s therapeutic, in the kind of way that makes some people sit for hours on end hoping to catch “the big one”, or really not caring about what they catch and just enjoying watching the water lap back and forth. It isn’t really about the fish, but about the experience. Fishing teaches you patience, poise, and more patience. It’s relaxing, and calming. Eating fish, on the other hand, is a whole different experience. You eat for sustenance, and don’t have to particularly enjoy what you’re eating. You just have to eat. So you do. There isn’t any lesson to be learned from eating fish, and it isn’t really a joyous experience. It’s just done.

Addiction recovery can either be like teaching a man to fish, giving him life skills, or it can be like giving a man a fish to eat. Here at Thrive Treatment℠, we see recovery as teaching you to fish. We don’t just provide treatment and send you home, catering to your wants instead of your needs. That’s just like eating fish. In our minds, treatment without explanation, without reason, without instruction, has very little point. Good treatment needs background, and sharing the whys and hows about what we do will make it clear to our clients just how we can help them. Without understanding how we work, whether or not we’ll be able to work for you is up in the air, and that simply isn’t fair. Not knowing what lies ahead for you in a program means the treatment we provide may help you, or it may not. It may be tailored specifically to your needs, or it may be what some programs belive to be a “cure-all curriculum”. Your recovery is far too important to be dealing in the unknown because your life is too important to be treated lightly. As an outpatient treatment center, we pride ourselves on making our treatment process as simple, understandable, and straightforward as possible. After all, no one wants to enter a treatment program with no idea of what they’re getting themselves into, or whether the process will work for them.

How We Teach Men To Fish

At Thrive Treatment℠, we’re a family with a focus on making the addiction recovery process as convenient, practical, and life changing as possible. We wholeheartedly believe in The Big Book’s teaching of educating our communities, so they can go out and educate others. Altruism is a powerful thread in recovery, and as The Big Book suggests, there’s very little that can “contribute more to rehabilitation of men than the altruistic movement.”

A large part of the treatment we extend here at Thrive is also rooted in helping you forge the bonds and connections that you need to successfully recover, because again, recovery is just as much about knowing how to work your plan as it is about working it. Learning how to rely on friends and connections gives you the ability to deal with struggles that you may not think you can do on your own, and it you that dealing is possible. After all, recovery shouldn’t be a one-man job!

At Thrive Treatment℠, you’re always a part of our family, and our resources are always available to you. In recovery, it’s important that we know that we always have someone to turn to, and that we are never alone, even when we think otherwise. In fact, Alcoholics Anonymous tells us just how important it is to be able to work together to maximize recovery. The organization says “critical in the relationship between A.A. and its nonalcoholic friends, a relationship forged in the pursuit of common goals– how to best help the still-suffering alcoholic and provide an ongoing means for recovery from the effects of alcoholism– is the spirit of collaboration.” Forming a tribe is an effective way to grow through recovery, because it allows us to both offer and receive support when it’s needed most. This tribe is what our family provides.

Finally, we teach men to fish by showing them how to make good use of our alumni networks and the organizations that exist outside of primary treatment, instead of ending our assistance at graduation. Our alumni network is a  huge resource for many of our graduates, and many of them are now lifelong friends with individuals they graduated with years ago. Other organizations, like sober living homes, are also great resources for post-treatment, and many people find living in such a facility to be a tremendous help before they make the transition to life back at home.

How do I know Thrive is right for me?

We were founded on the premise that recovery should not be a foreign or difficult concept to grasp, and we make sure to be as transparent as possible about what we’re doing at our great little Santa Monica facility. Our staff members are normal folks with a passion for assisting the recovery community, and their own incredible journeys with recovery in their own lives often lay the foundation for what is shared with our clients. Our joy is that our stories are able to change lives, and we truly offer a remarkable experience that is unmatched in the Santa Monica region.

We care about every single one of our clients, because we have been in your same shoes. We know what it is like to go through addiction, only to find that the resources we thought were available were not available, or were not accessible, or, frankly, weren’t right for what we were dealing with.

Thrive Treatment℠ is a family. It always has been, and it always will be.

We’re interested in teaching you how to fish, not just giving you something to eat. Dealing with addiction is an intense and unfortunate ideal. The very least we can do is make your treatment decision as easy as possible! Call us today at (888)975-8474!

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