The Effect Proximity Has on Recovery

recovery proximity

There are many sayings that correspond with the notion that actions are influenced by location. When it comes to addiction recovery, there is one that almost instantly springs to mind: “Birds of a feather flock together.” The people and things you surround yourself with during recovery plays a huge part in just how successful your recovery will be. This is specifically true with an outpatient facility like Thrive Treatment. Though our model makes sure that you have the room to make the mistakes you might make in treatment, it’s imperative that you still surround yourself with people that will support and champion your recovery. We are very focused on providing the resources and community to make that happen, and that’s one of the reasons our outpatient treatment process is so effective.

Alcoholics Anonymous is a great example of how proximity with the right people can positively influence recovery. AA meetings are personal, intimate, and collaborative. They foster a sense of fellowship, and everyone pushes and supports the next person. Additionally, the organization’s large amount of resources keeps groups close and in contact. Proximity and fellowship are two reasons why the organization is so effective!

When it comes to finding other great people outside of treatment (or after you’ve graduated from our program), getting plugged into an alumni network can ensure that you still surround yourself with the right people. Many alumni programs allow you to stay connected with individuals that went through treatment the same time as you, which encourages you to continue building relationships with these same men and women. With peers that have been with you from day one of treatment, life post-treatment becomes that much more productive. There’s nothing like maturing in your recovery with the ones you knew from day one, and it’s also wonderful to celebrate milestones and accomplishments with the people you started your journey with.

Proximity really does make all the difference in recovery, and our actions are most definitely influenced by those we’re closest to. It’s important to make sure we surround ourselves with the right people that will champion and support us in our recovery. At Thrive Treatment, we bring community to you, and encourage you to use all of our resources to knock your recovery program out of the park!

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