There are very few things in this world that one cannot find a silver lining in, if they only look hard enough. When you’re suffering from addiction though, it can seem like your world is caving in, and that there really is nothing good that can come from the illness.

Look harder.

Suffering through addiction before reaching out for help teaches you that you are stronger than you might think. To live day by day while a substance controls your mind and wreaks havoc on your body, inhibitions, and relationships would be more than enough to make most people throw in the towel. You however, forged on, and in that forging, you finally built up the power to ask for help.

That same strength that you exhibited in asking for help is the strength that you will need in addiction treatment, as you begin to open old wounds and unearth things deep inside of you that you may have never known existed.

The quote “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” is truly a testament to what you may go through in your treatment process, and it pays to mentally prepare yourself for it. Recovery has no guarantee that things will be easy from treatment to sober living to life outside of a structured environment. The simple fact of the matter is that the only way to really cut to the root of decades-old problems in the span of a few weeks or months is to open yourself up to your counselors and therapists, expose the raw parts inside, and seek help in mending the things that may have caused you to use substances in the first place. It may be hard, and, at times, it may seem like you are prying so deeply into yourself that you may burst or break.

You won’t.

Remember, however, that this is only the healing process, and that fire always makes things stronger.

You are here to beat addiction, and you will not let anything stop you– let alone the fact that sometimes recovery may seem hard. Life can be hard and recovery isn’t a special pass to make it easier. You did not sign up for things to be easy. You signed up to win. You signed up to live.

If you are suffering from addiction, today is the day to shed your doubt and seek help. Recovery really is possible, and it really is for you. To live is an awfully big adventure. Start with us. Call Thrive Treatment℠ of Santa Monica at (888)975-8474 right now!

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