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What Drugs Are Smoked In A Glass Pipe?

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Drugs can be ingested in various ways, and this makes it more confusing to determine if a friend or family member is using.  Some drugs are swallowed as pills, some are snorted through the nose, some are injected, and still, others are smoked.  Some drugs, such as cocaine, can be taken in more than one way.  While the choice of drug is the major factor in what the effects are, the way the drug is taken will impact how quickly the effects are seen. While you might see changes in behavior in your loved one, you might also notice different items that might cause you to wonder if drug use is occurring. 

Glass Pipes Explained

Drugs that are smoked are sometimes rolled in paper, while others are smoked out of pipes.  Pipes can be made out of tin foil, metal, glass, or other materials.  Glass pipes allow users to inhale their drugs of choice.  Interestingly enough, some glass pipes are nearly works of art, and some users may opt to collect different pipes during their drug use. Even more, pieces that may look like a work of art, such as a flower in a glass, may serve a dual purpose as a pipe. Some may be so cleverly disguised that people don’t even realize what they have purchased. Other times, the items are intentionally disguised in an attempt to hide their true purpose. 

What Drugs Are Smoked in a Glass Pipe?

Drugs that are smoked in a glass pipe include cocaine, marijuana, opioids, and methamphetamines. Crack cocaine is often smoked in a glass cylinder pipe. Heroin and methamphetamine vapors are inhaled after being heated in the bowl of a glass pipe.  Marijuana is usually smoked out of a metal pipe, glass pipe,  or out of a bong. A bong is typically made out of glass, but can also be made out of plastic.  Bongs usually have a bowl outside of a vertical tube, with water being in the bottom of the pipe to serve as filtration and can vary quite a lot in size. The long-term use of drugs can change the pathways in the brain which can make it much more difficult to stop using. Smoking drugs in a glass pipe can cause long-term damage to the lungs and other parts of the body.  

How to Get Help With Addiction

If you or someone you love has a problem with addiction, the first  step is to identify a problem.  Once the problem has been identified, it is crucial to start talking with professionals to find the treatment that is the best-suited to the individual.  Different drugs cause different withdrawal symptoms and additional risks during withdrawal.  Because the symptoms and risks are not the same across all drugs, it is imperative to seek professional help – especially during detox to preserve physical health.  At Thrive Treatment, we have physicians on staff to monitor an individual’s progress from the time treatment begins right through until it’s time for discharge to aftercare. Once detox is complete, the focus changes from stabilizing physical health to creating a life in sobriety. 

Get Help Today at Thrive Treatment

At Thrive Treatment, we believe in treatment that blends modern and traditional practices rather than one specific modality. We integrate relational and behavioral therapies, along with holistic, medical, and psychiatric interventions, to put you on the path to sobriety, emotional health, and overall well-being.  Located in Santa Monica, we have what is needed to provide you with an individualized plan to help you succeed in sobriety, both during your inpatient treatment and beyond. Contact us today and let us help you with your addiction!  

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