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Intensive Outpatient

Thrive Treatment℠’s Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) in Santa Monica is designed for clients who require support in early sobriety. 

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We offer a flexible morning and afternoon program to fit your lifestyle while providing the supportive care of qualified clinical staff who understand you and who can help you manage the delicate work-life-sobriety balance.

Thrive Treatment℠’s IOP program requires a minimum attendance commitment of 3 hours per day, 3 days a week, with a maximum of 3 hours per day, 5 days a week.

This level of care consists of a variety of therapeutic groups and individual sessions designed to address addictive behaviors as well as co-ocurring mental health issues that underlie addiction.  All of our groups are facilitated by masters level clinicians who use a multi modal approach to engage and treat our clients. This mix of interactive groups include cognitive and behavioral therapy, psychoeducation, mindfulness meditation and relapse prevention. Additional groups include Nutrition in Recovery, Breathworks, and Yoga facilitated by highly trained and  certified providers/instructors.

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Intensive Outpatient


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What Should I Expect at a Santa Monica IOP?

At this level of care, clients receive one hour-long individual counseling session per week with their licensed masters level addiction therapist. During this session, clients develop a strong therapeutic relationship with their primary therapist while identifying and treating their addiction and co-occurring mental health issues. With clients’ consent, individual therapists will update and engage appropriate family members on a regular basis. When indicated, family sessions can also be conducted onsite or over the phone as needed. Every effort is made to provide a comfortable and private environment for these sessions.

Our Intensive Outpatient Program in Santa Monica

All clients will receive a full health history and physical assessment by our physician and Medical Director as well as a full psychiatric assessment by our staff psychiatrist. Our doctors are available for clients to visit as indicated for as long as the client is at this level of care. For our clients’ convenience and comfort, both of our doctors meet with our clients on-site in private rooms. Our clinic team works directly with our doctors to provide seamless continuity of care.

On Wednesdays our clients engage in an experiential outing day. The purpose of these outings is to provide the opportunity for clients to apply their newly learned therapeutic skills outside of the everyday treatment environment. Organized recreational activities can be a valuable part of treatment and can help clients find healthful, substance-free interests to replace a former focus on substance use. Organized sports, games, arts and crafts, and walks can have therapeutic benefits and allow the clients to participate in real-world events drug-free and with the support of therapists and peers.

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We Work with Most Insurance

At Thrive Treatment℠ we accept most private insurance plans and we are in network with Cigna, MHN Health Net, First Health, and Anthem Blue Cross.  Additional payment options are available so don’t hesitate to give us a call so we can get you the help that you need.

“Great program with friendly staff! I highly recommend you to check it out! They know what they are doing! Tanner R. is the man and provides great customer service! Talk to him and he will point you in the right direction.”
Miles S.
“Thrive treatment is a top notch program with one of the best clinical teams in LA. When I have clients at Thrive, I know without a doubt they are receiving the authentic help that they desperately need. Thanks Clayton for the amazing program you have built!”
David B.
“Great program with friendly staff! I highly recommend you to check it out! They know what they are doing! Tanner R. is the man and provides great customer service! Talk to him and he will point you in the right direction.”
David F.
“I am grateful for the immediate attention I received from Matt at Thrive Treatment℠ center. He is sensitive and caring and he graciously spent time with me and my husband to help our family situation. In just a short amount of time he made a big difference and gave us hope. He definitely is passionate about helping people and gave us great perspective and advice.”
Laura B.

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When you choose Thrive Treatment℠, you can expect a truly individualized program that utilizes evidence-based therapies to assist clients on the path to long-term recovery. 

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We are here to help you find lasting recovery once & for all at Thrive Treatment℠’s intensive outpatient program in Santa Monica.

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