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David Pavia, LCSW


david pavia

David is the Group Facilitator at Thrive Treatment℠ in Santa Monica.

David Pavia has been with Thrive Treatment℠ since we opened in 2015. Pavia has 17 years of experience working with both substance abuse and mental health disorders in New York and Los Angeles.

He earned his Masters degree at New York University and began his career working with adolescents affected by 9/11 at The World Trade Center Healing Services in Lower Manhattan. Prior to joining Thrive Treatment℠, Pavia has assumed clinical roles in leading treatment centers throughout Los Angeles; including primary clinician at Promises’ renowned young adult treatment program, lead clinician at The Control Center in Beverly Hills, and a primary therapist and music director at Sober College in Woodland Hills.

David uses his various clinical experiences to foster an inclusive and multifaceted clinical environment for our clients.

In his role as Group Facilitator , David utilizes a hands-on approach, continuing to work as an individual and group therapist while maintaining his leadership role at Thrive. David’s unique clinical perspective with his clients includes helping them assess which parts of their personalities have been both helpful and harmful in their development and assists them in restructuring a healthy ego.

David often uses an interpersonal approach to help nurture individuation and a healthy adult identity, bringing creativity and his own personal experiences into groups. When David isn’t working with our clients, he enjoys his teenage son’s efforts to turn him into a “sneaker-head.” Lets just say, David’s shoe collection has grown tremendously since he started at Thrive.

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