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If your loved one is showing signs of addiction, you might require intervention services in Los Angeles. But where do you start? When is the right time to try an intervention on your own or use a Los Angeles-based behavioral intervention specialist?

An intervention is a way for you to reach out to a loved one, facilitate a discussion with them and with their friends and family about addiction, and encourage them to get help. An intervention is a supportive and judgment-free way to motivate your loved ones to get help for their addictive behaviors.

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When to Perform an Intervention for a Loved One

Many people who struggle with addiction are in denial. This can be an addiction to alcohol, drugs, eating, even gambling. They might not recognize the negative impact that their addiction has on their lives and the lives of their friends and family. An intervention is a structured opportunity for you to help them recognize the impact their behaviors have and encourage them to get treatment.

A Los Angeles-based alcohol interventionist might be the right decision if your loved one:

  • Has pulled away from friends and family and is no longer engaging socially
  • Has stopped doing things that once brought them joy
  • Has shown significant deterioration in their physical appearance and hygiene
  • Has stopped caring about school or work responsibilities
  • Has begun engaging in significant drug or alcohol use, usually accompanied by lies about how much is being used or how often it is used
  • Has demonstrated significant personality changes and mood swings, accompanied by things like insomnia, anxiety, paranoia, or depression
  • Has started to engage in illegal activities, like theft, to get money for more drugs, or a recent DUI

If you notice the signs of addiction in your loved one and it is negatively impacting their lives and the lives of those around them, it might be time to perform an intervention.

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At Thrive Treatment℠ we accept most private insurance plans and we are in network with Cigna, MHN Health Net, First Health, and Anthem Blue Cross.  Additional payment options are available so don’t hesitate to give us a call so we can get you the help that you need.

Tips for Holding an Alcohol or Drug Intervention

Your intervention should be positive. Even though your loved one is struggling with addiction, the intervention should point out that this addiction has caused negative changes, but the solution is a rehab program. 

Make a Plan

When you start planning a drug or alcohol intervention, you need to have a plan. Usually, one member of the family or a close friend proposes this intervention and is in charge of making it a reality.

A typical intervention means you have to create a team with different members of the family or close friends of your loved one, each of whom can talk about a way in which the addiction has affected them personally.

The intervention team needs to work together, select a time and a date and focus on the facts and not strong emotional responses. The loved one for whom the intervention is staged should not know about it until the day they show up.

Each member of this team must present notes on how addiction has caused problems in their lives while still expressing love and support for the loved one, emphasizing that they can change with a little bit of help.

As a group, you need to pick a treatment program and have different rehab facilities or therapies ready so that if your loved one makes the decision to improve their lives, they can do so immediately. Part of this plan necessitates that you and your family and friends decide what consequences will happen if they refuse. This might mean that a loved one has to accept treatment for their addiction, or you will ask them to move out.

Consult a Professional

You can always turn to an intervention specialist in Los Angeles for tips on holding your intervention. It is always good to have an addiction professional on hand to help you organize your intervention. An intervention specialist can take into account the circumstances of your loved one, suggest the best approach and follow-up plan.

While you can certainly hold an intervention on your own, it is always recommended that you conduct one with a professional. Having experts on hand can help you when situations get too emotionally charged. You can even hold the intervention at their office.

Have the Right Team

The right team is usually an average of five people who are closest to your loved one. This can include people they respect, people they love, and people they depend on. This could be a member of their church, an adult relative, their best friend, or their spouse.

When selecting the right team members, don’t include anyone who has serious mental health issues that are not under control or any friends or family members who are also addicted to drugs and alcohol. Don’t have anyone present whom your loved one does not like or respect. Avoid inviting anyone who might sabotage the intervention or a member of the family you know won’t necessarily say the right things. People who will not contribute positively to the team can still contribute by writing a short personal letter to their loved ones that someone else can read aloud at the intervention.

Have a Treatment Program

It is important for you to have a treatment program readily available so that if your loved one decides to take action, there is a clear path ahead of them. For this reason, working with a professional intervention specialist can be very helpful as they can help determine the extent of the addiction and identify the most appropriate treatment options. Different treatment options might include:

  • Counseling
  • Outpatient treatment
  • Inpatient or residential treatment
  • Life skills training
  • Family counseling
  • Vocational services
  • Holistic therapy
  • Or any combination of therapies

How an Intervention Specialist in Los Angeles Can Help

Programs for a drug and alcohol intervention in Los Angeles don’t have to be tackled alone. You can get help from professionals. There are many benefits to holding a drug and alcohol intervention Los Angeles based with a professional. 

  • An intervention specialist can educate every member of your team about addiction and the process of addiction recovery before the intervention stage. This information can give each member of your team insight that they need to be more compassionate and prepare for the intervention.
  • An intervention specialist in Los Angeles can help your family better understand the way addiction changes the brain and how it puts drug use or alcohol use above everything else.
  • As team members write their stories, they can rehearse them with an intervention specialist, have the content review ahead of time, and prepare for any emotional reaction. 
  • An intervention specialist might have a specific office where the intervention can take place, a neutral and safe location.
  • Similarly, the way a loved one reacts when confronted at an intervention can be just about anything. Still, an intervention specialist can help calm otherwise hostile environments and facilitate a peaceful and productive intervention.

Get Help From Our Drug and Alcohol Intervention in Los Angeles

If you are ready to stage a Los Angeles-based drug and alcohol intervention, consider working with behavioral intervention specialists who can guide you and your family through the process. 


At Thrive Treatment, we offer drug and alcohol treatment in the Los Angeles area. Our philosophy is rooted in creating powerful therapies that identify the emotional and social issues that might have contributed to substance abuse rather than just targeting the physical addiction. 

Our drug and alcohol intervention programs provide you with reliable specialists who can help plan the intervention and facilitate the discussion after creating an individualized therapy program to help your loved one build strength and resilience. 

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