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How to Prevent Prescription Drug Abuse

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Prescription drugs are a staple of comprehensive treatment plans. When used as prescribed and under the strict supervision of experienced medical professionals, prescription medications are very effective in helping people live better lives. However, prescription medications are potent and can easily be abused. It is estimated that 16 million Americans over the age of 12 have abused prescription medications in the past year. Of those abusing these prescriptions, 12 percent are addicted to these medications.

Pharmaceutical drug abuse is a serious issue in the United States. If you or a loved one are struggling with the abuse of prescription drugs, today is the day you act. Thrive Treatment is Southern California’s premier drug rehab facility. Our prescription drug treatment programs are evidence-based and proven to help you get clean and sober. Thrive Treatment is a Los Angeles drug rehab center that can help you overcome addiction. Contact us today to learn more about our alcohol addiction treatment program in LA.

Tips on How to Prevent Prescription Drug Abuse

Medication misuse is dangerous and can become life-threatening. All too often, people assume that since prescription medications are prescribed and administered by doctors and other medical professionals, they are “safe.” In reality, prescription drugs have a high addiction potential and, in some cases, are more potent than street drugs. Misusing medications often creates dependence and addiction issues.

In learning how to prevent prescription drug abuse, you must take specific steps to minimize misuse. The following are simple yet effective steps you can take to prevent prescription drug abuse:

Know the Medication You Are Taking

When you have been prescribed a new medication, following the proper dosage and strictly following your doctor’s orders is essential. Do not modify your dosage in any way without first consulting your doctor. It is important that you fully understand all of the effects of the medication so you are aware of what to expect ahead of time. If you have any questions, it is crucial you talk to your doctor.

Keep Your Doctor in the Loop

When you are taking medications, be sure you are regularly communicating with your doctor. If you are experiencing any adverse signs and symptoms, contact your doctor right away. Your doctor may have extended-release alternatives or other medications that pose a lower risk for addiction.

Track Medications

An effective way to learn how to prevent prescription drug abuse is to make a master list of all prescriptions you have in the house. This practice is crucial if there are people in the household or others that are at high risk for substance dependence. When you track medications, you should write the medication name, the doctor’s name, who prescribed it, the dosage, and the potential side effects of that medication. It is wise to place your daily medications in pill boxes to ensure you are taking the proper dosages.

Don’t Share Medications

Your prescription medications are for your use and not for anyone else. It is critical that you don’t share your medications with anyone else—even if they share similar symptoms or conditions. Sharing medications is illegal and can cause harmful side effects if others are taking these drugs.

Dispose of Unused or Unwanted Medications

If you no longer need medications, you must dispose of them properly and not give them away to others. See if your local pharmacy has a “give back” program or see if law enforcement offers a disposal program. If you have no other choice than to throw it away, mix it with unsanitary waste such as litter, wet trash, diapers, etc., and never flush your medication down the toilet. If you have empty containers, they should be stripped of all personal information before placing them in the trash or recycling.

Are You Struggling with Prescription Drug Abuse?

Prescription drugs are both extremely potent and highly addictive. These medications can cause significant health issues and even kill people when misused. If you or a loved one are struggling with prescription drug abuse, the help you need is just a phone call away. Thrive Treatment is Southern California’s premier drug treatment facility. We offer treatment programs and services that are extensively tested and customized to meet your unique needs. Thrive Treatment is a Los Angeles drug rehab center that can help you overcome addiction. Contact us today to learn more about our alcohol addiction treatment program in LA.

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