David Pavia, LCSW

david pavia lcsw

David Pavia, a licensed clinical social worker, joins Thrive Treatment as Clinical Director. Pavia has 15 years of experience working with both substance abuse and mental health disorders in New York and Los Angeles. Prior to joining Thrive Treatment, Pavia worked as a primary clinician at Promise’s renowned young adult treatment program and most recently as lead clinician at The Control Center, an addiction treatment program in Beverly Hills. In addition, David has worked as primary therapist and music director at Sober College in Woodland Hills, California. He earned his Masters degree at New York University and began his career working with adolescents affected by 9/11 at The World Trade Center Healing Services in Lower Manhattan. When he is not working Pavia is battling the 405 listening to way too loud classic rock in his hilariously tiny electric car. He’s got two young kids that will grow up to be embarrassed by this.

In his role as Clinical Director, Pavia will oversee the day-to-day clinicalcare of Thrive Treatment’s clients and implement an evidenced-based,clinically-sound treatment program that addresses all areas of a client’s success in achieving personal recovery and beyond. He will work closely with our clinicians, to innovate unique approaches for delivering quality, compassionate treatment care. Pavia will also work closely with Thrive Treatment’s Chief Executive Officer, Clayton Ketchum, who will oversee Thrive Treatment’s Recovery Advocate and F.U.N. ( Families United @ Night) programs.