Clayton Ketchum

clayton ketchum

Our CEO, Mr. Clayton Ketchum, is creator of Thrive Treatment LLC. Clayton is a Los Angeles, California native. He grew up in a very loving home by an exceptionally loving mother (who is a professional singer with The Los Angeles Master Chorale). Since his early childhood, Clayton Ketchum was encouraged to attend higher education as modeled by his lineage of Ivy League relatives. His skill as a football player earned him a scholarship to Southwestern Oklahoma State University where he also studied business management. Away from home and under the rigorous demands of school and football, Clayton fell into the grips of substance addiction despite being afforded many opportunities from his loving family. His addiction spiraled out of control and he and his family endured several painful years of uncertainty, frustration and fear.

After many different attempts, and many different programs, Clayton achieved long-term/permanent sobriety. During his experiences with some of these treatment centers and sober livings, Clayton began to notice what methodologies were most effective for him, and for his peers, who were also battling drug addiction alongside him.

In 2010, with very little means, Clayton created a recovery home in Los Angeles. It quickly became a success within the local addiction community for his effective approach, and today remains one of the most respected programs in Los Angeles. It was then that Clayton found his purpose and reason for getting up in the morning.

Later, Clayton began to notice something lacking in the treatment culture. He noted there were many different treatment programs to choose from, but not a lot that shared the same qualities he recognized were necessary for success, including an emphasis on values, accountability, life skills, and having fun in recovery. These are the key ingredients to Thrive.

While Clayton continues to raise the standard of care for clients suffering from drugs and alcohol abuse, his big heart is also often most demonstrated with his second passion: rescuing at-risk dogs. He has two personal rescues, Winston and Lenny while Seamus, Oliver and Carl (whom Clayton recently found malnourished wandering the streets) are the most beloved house-mates at his recovery homes.