Treatment Approach

We approach treatment with compassion, Masters and Doctoral clinical skill, personal experience, straight talk and fun.  We become a family.  And together, we work hard and safely play hard.

Our clinicians use some of addiction treatment’s most academically-effective methodology, while relying on their own personal styles to connect with each client uniquely for a better chance of long-term success.  We get to know each person, their personal struggles and the best way to reach them.  Through group work, individual counseling, family therapy and community our clients learn:

  • Accountability
  • Boundaries
  • Values
  • Trust and to be Trustworthy
  • Responsibility
  • Tools for Emotional Stability
  • Structure
  • Life Skills
  • Sober Fun

We develop healthy skills to respond when you or your loved is feeling out of control, triggered, hurt or angry, rather than to simply react. Clients learn to be of service to others, and they even begin to like themselves. Through this proven process, clients learn there is a chance!

Anchored by these basic building blocks, Thrive Treatment takes recovery to the next level and prides itself on working one-on-one to help our clients explore their purpose, enroll in nearby Santa Monica College or UCLA schools or connect them to jobs in the bustling Thrive Treatment neighborhood. Most of all, we have fun together! Because boredom is a big trigger for newly clean clients, we provide a contained space for them to learn new ways to find excitement in their lives.  Picnics, softball, surfing, yoga and more, we take advantage of our city parks and beaches to play as a family, yours and ours. Here, we learn: We don’t just survive, we thrive!