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Half of all mental health issues start before the age of 14. Get your teen or adolescent the help they need before it becomes a problem at our teen rehab in Los Angeles. Give us a call to learn more about our co-ed, after school program. 

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Mental Health Treatment at Thrive Teen was founded to cater to the personalized needs of each individual in our care. Adolescents heavily rely on social groups, including family, friends and school.

With over decades of collective experience, Thrive Teen was created to introduce early intervention to those suffering from mental health issues. Had the young adults treated by Thrive Treatment℠ received early intervention and mental health services at an earlier age, they might not have continued on to endure significant negative consequences as adults, such as dropping out of high school or college, legal issues and loss of interpersonal relationships.

Many teens are suffering from various mental health struggles that with appropriate attention and support, can avoid further dysfunction and inability to finish high school or college. Thrive Teen’s admissions process includes an assessment of the overall physical health, mental health, and behavioral health issues.

"1 in 6 people alive is under the age of 18. And, while half of all mental illnesses start before the age of 14, most cases remain undetected and undiagnosed according to the World Health Organization. Or, that is until they majorly impact life and health. The same survey reveals that 30-40% of all childhood mental illnesses become lifelong problems, especially when not treated."

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The Thrive Teen Promise

Our teen treatment center includes care intended to build on the natural supports, strengths, resiliencies, and perspectives of the individual, focusing on the specific mental health needs and goals of the client. The clinical team at Thrive’s teen treatment center in Los Angeles combines this with a complete focus on protecting the safety, autonomy, and privacy of the patient, so that an adolescent may safely seek treatment. Our outpatient rehab in Los Angeles makes it able for your teen to come home to you after the program is over for the day.

The Thrive Teen Mission

At our teen treatment center, our goal is to provide comprehensive therapeutic and educational services to teens and adolescents struggling with their overall well-being and mental health. We aim to help our clients learn to foster health, happiness, longevity, and self-efficacy at our teen treatment center and rehab in Los Angeles We provide supportive services where families and their loved ones can achieve and sustain long-term individual and family unit recovery. Sober living in Los Angeles is possible with our teen treatment

To the Families of Thrive Teen

The Los Angeles teen treatment center at Thrive Treatment℠ differentiates itself by inviting families to join the treatment process. Through weekly family therapy, parent support groups and multi-family group, we shift the family system by improving family communication, boundaries, personal responsibility for behavior, and the healthy processing of any family issues. Treating the whole family teaches everyone the roles they play in maintaining the problem, how to support one another, and that they can emerge from treatment stronger than they were before.

We Work with Most Insurance

At Thrive Treatment℠ we accept most private insurance plans and we are in network with Cigna, MHN Health Net, First Health, and Anthem Blue Cross.  Additional payment options are available so don’t hesitate to give us a call so we can get you the help that you need.


“Great program with friendly staff! I highly recommend you to check it out! They know what they are doing! Tanner R. is the man and provides great customer service! Talk to him and he will point you in the right direction.”

Miles S.

“Thrive treatment is a top notch program with one of the best clinical teams in LA. When I have clients at Thrive, I know without a doubt they are receiving the authentic help that they desperately need. Thanks Clayton for the amazing program you have built!”

David B.

“Great program with friendly staff! I highly recommend you to check it out! They know what they are doing! Tanner R. is the man and provides great customer service! Talk to him and he will point you in the right direction.”

David F.

“I am grateful for the immediate attention I received from Matt at Thrive Treatment℠ center. He is sensitive and caring and he graciously spent time with me and my husband to help our family situation. In just a short amount of time he made a big difference and gave us hope. He definitely is passionate about helping people and gave us great perspective and advice.”

Laura B.

To the Clients of Thrive Teen

The attitude at our teen rehab in Los Angeles is one of acceptance and non-judgment. Our team recognizes the challenges that may come from mental health struggles. We are here to offer our clients the opportunities and tools needed to rebuild a life that is healthy and free.

Your life is valuable. Your life is worth living well, and we want you to rediscover your identity in a brand new way.

Treatment Services at Our Teen Rehab

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Your Teen Has a Bright Future.

Our teen rehab in Los Angeles believes that with the right support network and a holistic approach, teens can feel confident and comfortable in their own truths as they navigate the rest of their teen years, embarking on adulthood and independence.

Contact the our teen treatment center in Los Angeles today to learn more about how we can help your teen today. 

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