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Ariana Gravanis, LPCC


Ariana is the Program Director at Thrive Treatment℠ in Santa Monica.

Ariana Gravanis is a Licensed Profession Clinical Counselor. After receiving a Masters in Mental Health Counseling at Baruch College, CUNY in New York City, Ariana returned to her native Los Angeles to establish a practice and give back to her local community.

As a therapist, Ariana has worked with underserved children and adolescents, helped address important socio-emotional developmental tasks such as emotion regulation, identity formation, healthy communication and boundary setting. Ariana has utilized and expanded these skills in her work with individuals struggling with substance use and addiction. Ariana helps her clients understand their deep rooted cognitive beliefs, often learned early in life, develop insight into current maladaptive behaviors and find motivation to take action towards their own recovery and truth.

Using a combination of CBT, psychodynamic and humanistic theories, Ariana hones in on and reinforces her clients’ abilities to make healthy choices and feel empowered to become their own guide.

As Program Director, Ariana enjoys incorporating alternative modalities like nutrition, yoga, breathworks and spirituality into a more holistic recovery program. By doing so, Ariana hopes to encourage lifestyle changes and practices for her clients, making room for a spiritual connection in their daily lives. Every now and then, Ariana will commission the services of her dog, Charlotte, for some much needed pet therapy at Thrive.

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