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College Scholarship

Thrive Treatment℠ is proud to offer one lucky person a $1,000 college scholarship. Learn more below.

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College Scholarship from Thrive Treatment℠

Thrive Treatment℠ is dedicated to furthering the personal development of those who are trying to improve their lives. 

In that spirit, we are offering a $1,000 college scholarship to individuals who are interested in mental health education.  Ideally, we would like to choose a candidate whose life has been affected by Drugs or Alcohol and who is looking to help those who are still suffering.


-U.S. citizen or permanent U.S. Resident

Deadline for submissions is Dec 10th 2020

-Enrolled or accepted in an accredited college or university

-High School seniors are encouraged to apply

-Minimum GPA of 3.0

-Consent to be listed as the winner of the Thrive Treatment℠ College Scholarship on our website

-Awarded funds must be spent on college tuition, room/board, or other education-related expenses.

 How to Apply

Applicants must provide basic student information along with a Personal Statement in essay form (500 words max) as to why they deserve the Thrive Treatment℠ College Scholarship.  Expressed interest in drug and alcohol treatment or mental health is preferred.  Applicants can optionally provide an additional essay or letter on our Google form.

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Meet Our Winners!

We are pleased to announce that two bright women have won our college scholarship so far. Rebecca Watkins and Jessica Hurlbert moved us with their stories and commitment to help others.  We received so many great applications and it was amazing to see how many students are dedicated to help heal the wounds that addiction has caused.  We would like to thank everyone who applied and congratulations Jessica and Rebecca, you deserve it!

Congratulations Jessica Hurlbert!

“Today, I am a lot of things, one of which is a woman in recovery from substance use disorder. I am from the NH seacoast and came from a good family. I was given lots of opportunity to be successful but still fell into a life of addiction. My disease progressed and in the end I was an IV drug user. I had to overcome a lot of obstacles along my road to get well. Obstacles like rehab, incarcerations, broken relationships, and most painfully the loss of my boyfriend to an overdose. I was able to find a solution in the 12 steps and today work a program of recovery. I have regained custody of my child, I work in a recovery center, I host a show on recovery and I am getting my master’s in social work. The biggest thing that my recovery has given me is purpose. Today, I know I am on this earth to connect with others and give hope to those who are lost.”

Congratulations Rebecca
of Western Governers University

“After having completed my associate’s degree in nursing I have discovered the need to continue on with my education to obtain my bachelor’s degree in order to make a larger impact on the patients that I have the honor of serving.

Working in labor and delivery I have to opportunity to see women from all different walks of life. I get to help women discover their inner strength, encourage them to believe in themselves, and watch them transition into mothers every day. I have served women who have and are addicted to drugs and alcohol and have been there to hold their hand as they deliver their addicted infant. Labor is a trying time for women, especially those who are also struggling with addiction and I hope that my continued education can give me more insight and skills to be a support and advocate for those I serve.”
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