Mission: Recovery is Possible

recovery is possible

For many, addiction is something that renders them powerless. When addicted, you often cannot do the things that you once did, and you may feel lost and helpless. While others around you mature, develop new relationships, strengthen old ones, and seem to prosper in their lives, you may very well feel stagnant and trapped. This […]

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Two No-Nonsense Reasons to Stay Sober

reasons to stay sober

There are actually more reasons to stay sober than there are to use drugs or drink alcohol. After going through addiction treatment, many people find renewed confidence and vigor, and are motivated to pursue a substance free life with everything they have. However, as with anything, even those that have recovered from addiction are not […]

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Guided Imagery

guided imagery

  Guided imagery, sometimes referred to as guided meditation, visualization, mental rehearsal, and guided self hypnosis, is technique used by mental health professionals. This technique connects the body and mind by using imagination and mental images to evoke emotions and deep relaxation. This gentle and powerful approach can also be traced back to Ancient Greece, […]

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